CBY India

Did you know that we have a “sister church” in India?

CBY India is run by Pastor Samuel Krupanand who is Congregational Leader for CBY India in Muramanda, Kadiam Mandel in the E.G. District of South India.

Throughout this entire COVID-19 pandemic, CBY India has been reaching out to their Communities and to those migrant workers who have been severely impacted by the shut-down of the call centres in the cities.

Below is a short movie of the Relief Efforts of the various local fellowships in south-east India that make up CBY India.

Changing Lives

Congregation Beth Yeshua India

CBY India

One Hundred Bibles...

It began in 2006 with an email from Samuel K. Christopher, a minister in India. His email stated, “My name is Samuel Krupanand, and I have a small ministry in my village. I am Jewish and I need help.” With so many emails coming in from different people asking for financial support, the temptation was to delete it. But, the Spirit of God said, “Do not delete this email.” After some time in prayer, Rabbi Greg heard God say that he should send Samuel 100 bibles in his native language.

He wrote back and simply said, “My name is Greg Hershberg, and I want to help. What do you need?” He received an email back immediately saying, “I need 100 bibles in Telegu, my language.

As Rabbi recalls, “I know God was all over it, so I got all over it!

From Small Beginnings...

After further conversations with Samuel, we decided that the best way to proceed was to send money to him to purchase the bibles. With that, CBY India was birthed.

Since then we have been continually humbled by the believers in India, and by their overwhelming love for Yeshua. We are excited and blessed to be part of this movement that God is ushering forth in India.

Congregation Beth Yeshua India - Hope School and Ministry Center

In 2011, Rabbi Greg and others from Beth Yeshua International (BYI) traveled to India to dedicate the new ministry center building which houses Hope School and the sanctuary for CBY India.

God has exploded this ministry to the point that hundreds of villages in southeast India are being ministered to through CBY India.

Update: October 2018

Wonderful things are happening in southeast India. God’s love is changing lives for the better, and CBY India is growing.

Within the four regions currently touched by CBY India, we have 200 congregations under the umbrella of BYI, and 150+ pastors under our leadership who are ministering. The school continues to grow with 310+ students.

Over 10,000 new believers have been added to the Kingdom by God’s grace. It is truly amazing! We serve an awesome God!

Working Among the Women...

Mani, Samuel’s wife, conducts Women’s Health and Hygiene programs in the rural tribal areas and villages. An estimated 88% of the women in India do not know about, nor can afford feminine hygiene products. Consequently, these women suffer with UTIs and RTIs, and many of them die of cervical cancer.

In Samuel’s words:
“My wife and I met many women and girls, and learned of their problems.
So, we started this work. We are creating awareness and providing these products.”

This is just one small way that CBY India is reaching out to their local communities.

A New Bus

The amazing growth of the Education Programs run by CBY India brought with it new challenges. One such challenge was transportation. With 310+ children in the school, a bus was need for safe and reliable transportation.


Safe Transportation

Safe Transportation for our children

How can I get involved?

Beth Yeshua International has no administrative costs associated with helping this ministry to the poor, the widow, and the orphan. All donations go directly to CBY India.

If you wish to support CBY India, donations can be sent to Beth Yeshua International. Visit BYI’s giving page for more information.

Contact Samuel: cbyindia@gmail.com

In May/Jun 2017, Beth Yeshua International (BYI) in Macon, Georgia, was blessed to welcome three of its six congregational leaders. Below are a few words from Samuel Krupanand of Beth Yeshua India to you.

And, we extend that warm and heart-felt Thank You to all of you who have supported our Missions over the years.
Toda Raba